Location: Port Fidalgo, Alaska.

Snorkeling with Salmon Sharks

Swim with salmon sharks in Prince William Sound, Alaska.


Photo © Andy Murch

Big Fish Expeditions Salmon Shark Adventure

Join us in Prince William Sound, Alaska for a once in a lifetime encounter with Alaska’s most iconic shark species: the mighty salmon shark! Nowhere else in the world is it possible to get close to salmon sharks but during a very short window in the Alaskan summer, these ‘mini great whites’ congregate in a couple of inlets in the sound to feast on pink salmon that are waiting to go upriver to breed.

The lodge is so well positioned for this encounter that the sharks can often be seen circling just off the dock with their fins breaking the surface. Be one of the first photographers to bring home images of one of the world’s last big predatory sharks.


Freediving with salmon sharks and photographing terrestrial wildlife.



$6500 per person double occupancy.
A fuel surcharge may apply.


Salmon shark snorkeling in Alaska



$TBA per person double occupancy.
A fuel surcharge may apply.


Salmon shark at the surface


Ravencroft Lodge in Port Fidalgo

Snorkeling experience only


  • Mask, snorkel, fins, and 7 mm wetsuit or a drysuit for snorkeling with the salmon sharks.
  • Warm clothing; summer in Alaska can sometimes be a bit cool.
  • Telephoto lens for eagles, grizzly and black bear sightings and capturing other topside life near the shore.
  • EVERYTHING ELSE you think you’ll need because the lodge is extremely remote.


  • Five days boat travel with a knowledgeable and Dedicated Captain (approx. 6hrs per day at sea).
  • Bait for attracting salmon sharks.
  • Weight belts.
  • Dock access for seft guided afternoon snorkeling sessions.
  • Evening boat excursions to photograph eagles and terrestrial wildlife.
  • Six nights accommodation in a well equipped lodge (price is for sharing a twin room).
  • All meals.
  • Boat transfer to and from Valdez (a regular water taxi is $1000 for the return trip).


  • All personal snorkeling gear except weight welts.
  • Mandatory travel medical insurance.
  • Flights.
  • Alcohol.
Head-on shot of a salmon shark
Snorkeling with Salmon Sharks in Alaska.
Snorkeling with Salmon Sharks in Alaska.

Photo © Andy Murch

Snorkeling with Salmon Sharks in Alaska.

Photo © Andy Murch

Snorkeling with Salmon Sharks in Alaska.
Bald Eagle Photography in Alaska
Snorkeling with Salmon Sharks in Alaska.

Photo © Andy Murch

Diving with salmon sharks
A salmon shark eying the camera
Orca fin protruding from the water
Swimming with a salmon shark
Diving with salmon sharks
Moon jelly with oarfish
Sea otter
Salmon shark at the surface
Prince William Sound salmon shark diving
Salmon shark at the surface
Salmon shark diving in alaska
Bald eagle swooping to grab a fish on our salmon shark trip
Sitka black-tail deer swimming across a bay in Alaska
Salmon shark fin at the surface
Sea otters on an iceburg in Alaska
Salmon Shark Diving Expedition
Close up of a salmon shark while snorkeling

Photo © Andy Murch

Salmon shark diving
How the Salmon Shark Encounters work:

Salmon sharks are most easily spotted in the mornings, so we generally look for them between 6am and noon. Near the lodge there is a spot that we call ‘Shark Alley’ where the sharks like to hang out. They can often be seen slowly swimming in circles with tips of their dorsal fins just above the water.
When we locate them, the snorkelers quietly slip into the water and swim to the front of the boat. Then the shark wranglers casts a mackerel tied to a line (with no hook) towards the shark. Salmon sharks are notoriously shy so some will immediately bolt, but the braver ones will swim towards the bait, which the wrangler then draws towards the waiting snorkelers.
Once salmon sharks are fixated on the bait, they tend to lose all fear and will approach extremely closely, allowing the snorkelers to watch them at very close quarters. The photography opportunities are excellent, as the accompanying images clearly show!

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    Diving with salmon sharks

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