Shark Diving and Snorkeling Trips

World class Shark Diving adventures. Dedicated shark snorkeling and scuba diving trips, and unique ‘Shark Safaris’ led by renowned shark photographer Andy Murch.

Dive with tiger sharks, lemon sharks, reef sharks, bull sharks, nurse sharks, and more at world famous Tiger Beach.

Dive with enormous great hammerheads, bull sharks, blacknose sharks, and more on our Bimini shark safari.

Free dive with blue sharks and shortfin makos; the world’s fastest shark!

Snorkel with Whale Sharks. Witness the largest aggregation of the largest fish in the world.

Dive with Japanese bullhead sharks, swell sharks, wobbegong sharks, angelsharks, houndsharks, and many more endemic species.

The ultimate Great White Shark cage diving experience. Descend to watch white sharks approach over the ocean floor.

Dive with up to 12 species of endemic sharks in South Africa including sevengills, raggedtooth sharks, makos, blues, and many catshark species.

11 night shark diving adventure with 10+ shark species  including tiger sharks, oceanic whitetip sharks, silkies, dusky sharks , reefies, blacknose, nurse sharks, lemons, bulls, and more!
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Snorkel with Porbeagle Sharks and scuba dive with endemic catsharks on the reefs of Brittany.

Dive with spinner, blacktip, dusky, and bronze whaler sharks, and thousands of dolphins and gannets on the world famous Sardine Run.

Snorkel with the Great White Shark’s cold water cousin in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

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