Location: Churchill, Manitoba (Hudson Bay) Canada

Beluga Whale Expedition

‘Beluga-Boarding’ with beluga whales and exploring Canada’s arctic tundra


Photo © Andy Murch

Big Fish Expeditions Beluga Whale Adventure

Join us in Hudson Bay to see the world’s most loved white whales. Each summer when the pack ice breaks up, up to 60,000 beluga whales move into the aquamarine waters of Hudson Bay to feed, socialize and breed. Come and enjoy close-up encounters with one of nature’s iconic species and explore Canada’s rugged tundra that is home to polar bears, arctic foxes and many migrating bird species.

What is ‘Beluga-Boarding’

Beluga-Boarding is a fun way to get extremely close to belugas and see them underwater without having to snorkel. Guests lay on a platform at water level with their heads and/or cameras under the water. The platform is then towed behind a zodiac. Belugas are extremely curious animals so they often follow the platforms and swim right up to the thrilled participants.

Why Come with Big Fish Expeditions?

BFE trip leader Andy Murch first visited Churchill in 1998. Over the years, he has accumulated a wealth of local knowledge and developed a deep passion for the belugas, polar bears and all other wildlife that inhabit this remote region of the sub-arctic.

Andy is the only global expedition company owner to receive a Manitoba Guiding License that permits him to take small groups out onto the tundra to enjoy the full range of experiences that Hudson Bay has to offer.

An accomplished, award winning photographer, Andy’s beluga images have appeared in Canadian Geographic and countless other books and magazines around the world. In 2022, one of his beluga images was made into a Canadian postage stamp. He is always happy to offer advice to his guests on the best way to capture images of Churchill’s exotic flora and fauna.


Beluga-Boarding with beluga whales and exploring Canada’s arctic tundra


July 27-August 2 1 SPOT AVAILABLE

$4,150 + 5% Goods & Services Tax (GST) per person double occupancy

$5,450 + 5% GST per person single occupancy

Andy Murch

Beluga boarding tour in Churchill, Canada.


July 26-August 1 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE

$4,450 + 5% Goods & Services Tax (GST) per person double occupancy

$5,950 + 5% GST per person single occupancy

Andy Murch

Beluga boarding tour in Churchill Canada



$TBA + 5% Goods & Services Tax (GST) per person double occupancy

$TBA + 5% GST per person single occupancy

Andy Murch

Swim with beluga whales


Polar Inn, Churchill

No experience required


  • 2 piece 7mm wetsuit or a drysuit for aqua-gliding with the beluga whales.
  • Mask, snorkel and a neoprene hood and booties.
  • Warm clothing for exploring the tundra. Summers are generally warm and sunny but can become cold if it is overcast.
  • Telephoto lens for possible polar bear sightings and capturing other topside wildlife near the shore.


  • Four mornings beluga boarding in Hudson Bay with a knowledgeable and dedicated Captain.
  • One day of kayaking with belugas in the Churchill River Estuary.
  • Afternoon Tundra Tours looking for polar bears, arctic foxes, caribou and other arctic wildlife.
  • Armed guide during all tundra tours.
  • Night excursions on the tundra to view the magical Aurora Borealis (solar activity permitting).
  • Six nights hotel accommodation with breakfast in Churchill on beautiful Hudson Bay.


  • Wetsuits, masks, snorkel, neoprene gloves and hood (all equipment can be rented)
  • Flights from Winnipeg
  • Lunch and dinner

Calm Air flies on most days between Winnipeg and Churchill. Space on flights is limited so book early!

Via Rail Winnipeg-Churchill For those guests with time to spare, two-day trains make the epic trek north through Canada’s vast northern wilderness. Train may not be working.

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Beluga whale watching
Arctic fox
Belugas swimming by
Polar bear in the grass
Beluga close up
Inuksuk in Churchill
Belugas at the surface


Day 1 Arrive, Check into the lodge and explore the small but lively town of Churchill. Once everyone has arrived, we will take a quick run out to Cape Merry to watch the belugas heading in and out of the Churchill River.
Days 2-5 Mornings: After a hearty breakfast at the lodge, we will don drysuits or wetsuits (available for rent) and venture into Hudson Bay aboard purpose built zodiacs. When we locate the whales (it doesn’t take long), we will take turns Beluga-Boarding behind the zodiac with friendly pods of belugas at close quarters.

Afternoons: After warming up back at the hotel and grabbing a bite to eat, we’ll jump in our six seater van and head out for a drive through the tundra to spot wildlife such as polar bears, foxes and other arctic species.

After Dark: On nights with high Solar activity, we will head out of town to a picturesque area with no light pollution to enjoy and photograph the world famous Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Day 6 Kayaking Tour with hundreds of belugas in the Churchill River Estuary.
Day 7 Fly out or take the overnight train back to Winnipeg.
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    Beluga boarding tour in Churchill Canada

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