Location: Rurutu Island, French Polynesia

VIP Humpback Whale Snorkeling Adventure

Swim with Humpback Whales in the crystal clear waters of Rurutu, French Polynesia

Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu

Join us for an amazing week of snorkeling with Humpback Whale mothers and calves in the crystal clear waters of Rurutu, in the Austral Archipelago of French Polynesia.

Although Rurutu is only a short flight from Tahiti, it is largely undiscovered by tourists, making it the perfect spot to encounter the gentle giants of the South Pacific.

Each year, hundreds of humpback whales with small calves migrate north from Antarctica between August and October. In September, many stop to shelter in Rurutu’s protected bays.

While the humpback mothers rest on the shallow seafloor, their curious calves frolic at the surface. This is the perfect time to enjoy fabulous close encounters.


Snorkeling with Humpback Whales


September 18-24 FULL

September 25-October 1 FULL

$4,795 per person double occupancy

$5,395 per person single occupancy

September 18-24 Jennifer Idol
September 25-October 1 Jennifer Idol


September 16-22 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE

September 23-29 3 SPOTS AVAILABLE

$5,095 per person double occupancy

$5,795 per person single occupancy

Jennifer Idol

Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu


Vaitumu Village Hotel, Rurutu.

Snorkeling experience only

6 nights accommodation
5 full days free diving with whales
Breakfast at the hotel
Airport transfers
Experienced humpback whale guide

Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu
Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu
Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu
Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu
Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu
Snorkeling with humpback whales

Due to its crystal clear water, Rurutu offers unparalleled underwater views of humpbacks. The most common sights are mothers nursing their calves, and solitary males singing their haunting songs.

Remember to also bring a topside camera as you can also expect to see fluke slapping, spy-hopping and full and partial breaches. It is especially fun to watch the baby humpbacks trying these movements for the first time. Imagine a baby playing with a new toy, now imagine a baby humpback that has just discovered the noise its tail makes when it slaps the water… unforgettable!


Day 1 Arrive at Rurutu and check-in at Vaitamu Village.
Days 2-6  After breakfast at the hotel you will board the dive boat for a 3-4hr morning session with the whales. At noon the boat will return to shore for an hour for lunch. Then, you will return to sea for a second 3-4hr encounter with the whales. As the evening approaches, we will return to the hotel in time to shower and download images before dinner.
Day 7 After a final breakfast with the group we will take you to the airport for your flight back to Tahiti.
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