Location: Silver Banks, Dominican Republic

VIP Humpback Whale Adventure

Swim with Humpback Whales in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea

Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu

World class humpback whale encounters

Join us for an amazing week of snorkeling with giants in the warm clear waters of the Silver Banks! Humpback whales may be encountered in numerous places around the world but nowhere on earth compares to the quality and consistency of the encounters in the Dominican Republic.

Each spring, pregnant humpbacks migrate to the Silver Banks to give birth and to mate. The newborn calves are extremely curious animals that love to interact with swimmers while under the watchful eye of their mothers. Some mothers are cautious around humans but others actively encourage their young to play with snorkelers.

Floating within arms reach of a ‘small’ humpback calf is an experience that is hard to describe. There is an obvious intelligence that you will pick up on immediately. But more than this, humpbacks exhibit a feeling of wonder; a curiosity towards humans that is unmatched among other marine species.

At first you may feel intimidated by the sheer size of the adults as you swim along beside them but humpback whales are extremely gentle creatures. When you see how carefully they move their bodies past you (raising their 3m long pectoral fins to avoid any physical contact) you will soon start to relax and enjoy an incredible week of humpback whale encounters that will be etched in your mind forever.


Snorkeling with Humpback Whales


February 22-29

$4,295 Master Cabin per person double occupancy FULL

$3,995 Superior Cabin per person double occupancy FULL

$3,795 Standard Cabin per person double occupancy FULL

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Spy hopping humpback whale diving


Turks and Caicos Aggressor (Liveaboard)

Snorkeling experience only

diving with humpback whales
Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu
Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu
Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu
Humpback Whale snorkeling Rurutu
Snorkeling with humpback whales

Obviously, your underwater encounters will be unforgettable but it is worth spending an afternoon or two in the chase boat watching the whales complex behavior. For example, you can expect to see fluke slapping, spy-hopping and full and partial breaches. It is especially fun to watch the baby humpbacks trying these movements for the first time. Imagine a baby playing with a new toy, now imagine a baby humpback that has just discovered the noise its tail makes when it slaps the water… unforgettable!


Day 1 Board the Turks and Caicos Aggressor and sail overnight to the Silver Banks
Days 2-7 Swim all day with humpback whales!
Day 8 Disembark and fly home.
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