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Makos Shark Snorkeling 2024

By March 10, 2024March 29th, 2024No Comments
Mako Shark Photography and Snorkeling Tour 2024.
Makos, Blue Sharks, Silkies, and a Smooth Hammerhead!

This year we ran two back-to-back mako trips in Baja. Each one consisted of three days chasing makos and blue sharks, and four nights in a comfy hotel at the inner harbour in Cabo.
As always, They were both great trips! We had makos on four days out of six, plus plenty of blue sharks. This year was especially good because we also had silky sharks and fantastic encounter with a very playful Smooth Hammerhead.
Read on for the day by day highlights.

Shortfin Mako Shark Photography Tour in Baja, Mexico.
Day One:

Amazing first day of our mako trip with 4 shark species: 2 mako sharks, 2 blue sharks, 1 silky shark, and a crazy smooth hammerhead that circled the divers over and over again.

Smooth hammerhead snorkeling trip in Baja
Mako diving trip in Baja, Mexico.
Snorkeling with silky sharks in Baja.
Smooth hammerhead encounter.
Day Two:

Today started with a blue shark and then we had a very bitey little mako. Larger makos are more relaxed, but the one meter long juveniles are full of testosterone!

Mako shark diving trip.
Mako shark diving trip.
Mako shark diving trip.
Day Three:

Blue sharks dominated our third mako day. Such beautiful animals!

beautiful blue shark in Mexico.
Snorkeling with blue sharks in Mexico.
Swimming with blue sharks in Mexico.
Day Four:

Two makos showed up today. One of them was sporting a stylish copepod soul patch 😏

Mako shark photography tour.
Mako shark photography tour.
Day Five:

Day five was mostly blue sharks. The nice thing about blues is once they arrive, they hang around for hours and wow are they pretty!

Snorkeling with blue and mako sharks in Mexico.
Snorkeling with blue and mako sharks in Mexico.
Day Six:

The last day of our Mexican Mako Trip was epic! 6 makos, 4 blue sharks, and 3 silkies! One particular mako was a serious player!

Mako shark diving trip.
Snorkeling with blue and mako sharks in Mexico.
Snorkelling with silky sharks.
Mako shark photography and snorkelling tour in Baja, Mexico.
2025 Mako Trips:

We have an excellent track record for attracting makos. The reason is that we go at exactly the right time, we know when to go far offshore and when to chum inshore based on temperature and currents, and we stay at sea all day from early morning until close to sunset. So if you want to photograph lots of mako sharks plus blues and potetially silkies and smooth hammerheads, this is the trip to join. We hope you can join us next year: Mako and Blue Sharks 2025

Snorkeling with blue and mako sharks.