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Great Hammerhead Shark Diving Safari 2024

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Diving with Great Hammerheads in the Bahamas.

Great Hammerhead Shark Safari 2024 Trip Report

Day 1:
It is great to be back in Bimini! The Bahamas is such an incredibly sharky location and Bimini is no exception! As soon as we got off the ferry and looked into the water at Big Game Club Marina, we found about a dozen big bull sharks, just begging to have their pictures taken 🙂
Bull Shark underwwater photography in Bimini, Bahamas.
Day 2

Our first day underwater with Great Hammerhead Sharks was epic. The wind was howling in the morning so we had to wait until noon before it was possible to head out to our hammer spot, but within minutes of arriving, the first great hammerhead showed up, quickly followed by three more. Not to mention, more nurse sharks than anyone could count.

The hammers this season seem especially keen to engage with the divers, which means lots of fantastic photo opportunities!

Great hammerhead shark diving in Bimini.
Diving with great hammerhead sharks in the bahamas
Diving with great hammerhead sharks in the bahamas
When we returned to the marina after diving with the hammerheads, we had a long photo session with the resident bull sharks. There is a cage at the marina that some of our guests dropped into for a first-hand look at the bulls, but the shooters concentrated on snapping over-unders which are easier to take from the dock.
Bull shark over-under photography session.
Day 3 Hammerheads and Tiger Sharks

Another great morning with hammerheads. As well as five different hammerheads, Bimini’s two resident tiger sharks showed up today. The larger of the two is around 3.5m long. Her ‘small’ companion is only around 2.5m, but underwater they both look pretty big!

Diving with tiger sharks and hammerheads in the Bahamas.
Tiger shark diving in Bimini, Bahamas.
Diving with great hammerheads in Bimini.
Reef Shark Feed at Triangle Rocks

After our hammerhead/tiger shark dives, we pulled anchor and motored over to Triange Rocks to dive with Caribbean Reef Sharks. Reefies are the most common species that divers see in the Bahamas, but it was nice to see so many heathy looking sharks swimming over the reef.

Caribbean reef shark dive in the Bahamas.
Day 4 – Stingrays!

We knew today would be our best weather window for reaching distant dive sites, so we got an early start and motored southward to Gun Cay where there is a large population of habituated southern stingrays that are very partial to free squid.

Gun Cay is also the best spot around Bimini to see tiny blacknose sharks; a species that divers rarely get to see in other Caribbean locations. They are quite shy, so photography is challenging but it’s fun to watch them darting around in the distance.

Southern stingray.
Blacknose shark.
Snorkeling with southern stingrays in the Bahamas.
More Hammerheads, then north to the dolphin grounds!

Although I try to include as many shark species as possible on our shark safaris, our guests primarily come to Bimini to see great hammerheads so we make sure they get hammers everyday. When we returned from Gun Cay, we dropped anchor at our hammer spot for a couple of hours so that everyone could get their daily hammerhead fix. Then, we motored north for about an hour to reach the dolphin grounds, which cover quite a large area.
Once there, it did not take us long to find a friendly pod that were crater feeding in the sand. Bottlenose dolphins can be a bit aloof, but these ones were surprisingly friendly. Whenever they surfaced they would swim over and run rings around us – great fun, but exhausting too!

Hammerhead shark feed in the Bahamas.
Swimming with dolphins in Bimini.
Snorkeling with dolphins in Bimini.
Day 5

We started our final day with a shark feed on a 60ft deep wreck called the M/V Sherice M; a mail boat that caught fire and was eventually sunk as an artificial reef.
The feed attracted about a dozen nurse sharks and a large bull shark, but the bull was extremely timid and did not come close enough for me to photograph it in front of the wreck.

Bull shark in Bimini, Bahamas.
Wreck dive with sharks in Bimini, Bahamas.
Hammer Time

We finished our trip with more hammerheads. The two tigers also returned and eventually dominated the feed. As always, there were lots of nurse sharks lounging all over the sand. It was a good end to a very successful trip.

Great hammerhead shark dive.
Diving with tiger sharks and great hammerheads in Bimini Island in the Bahamas.
Diving with tiger sharks and great hammerheads in Bimini Island in the Bahamas.
Another great trip to Bimini

This really was a great trip. Not only did we find everything we were hoping to see, we also had long encounters with every species and never waited more than a few minutes for the sharks to arrive.

We’ll be back in Bimini for another Great Hammerhead Shark Diving Safari in February 2025. I’m sure it will be another fantastic trip. I hope you can join me!

Nurse shark photo shoot in Bimini, Bahamas.
Great hammerhead shark diving in the Bahamas.
Tiger and Great hammerhead shark diving in the Bahamas.
Bull shark diving and photography tour in the Bahamas.