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Japanese Giant Salamander Snorkeling Expedition 2023

By June 28, 2023December 12th, 2023No Comments
Diving with Sharks in Japan.

It has been a few years since we have been able to run an expedition to snorkel with giant salamanders, so it was really fun for me to be back in the Gifu Mountains filming on of the largest amphibians in the world; 1.5m long. Japan’s ‘Godzilla’ is only exceeded in size by the Chinese Giant Salamander which grows to 1.8m, but the Chinese species is virtually extinct in the wild, so our encounter in Japan is extremely special.

The salamanders live in a stretch of river in the Gifu Mountains in central Honshu. As always, we include two days of snorkeling in the river with the salamanders and one night at a traditional Japanese mountain hotel.

The salamanders are completely wild and can travel up and down river whenever they want to, so there is a slight chance that there won’t be many in the area, but I’m happy to say we found eight massive salamanders in residence.

Snorkel with Giant Salamanders!
Throughout the summer we offer private trips (minimum of two guests, maximum six guests) to the Gifu Mountains to snorkel with Japanese Giant Salamanders between May and September.

For convenience, we invite you to schedule a two or three day giant salamander adventure that coincides with your visit to Japan. Please contact us as early as possible to ensure that your chosen dates are still available: Japanese Giant Salamander Expedition