Location: Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas.

Tiger Beach Shark Diving (land based)

The best tiger shark diving in the world

Tiger Shark diving at Tiger Beach
Tiger shark diving
The best place in the world to dive with Tiger Sharks

There are other shark diving hotspots around the world but none that rival Tiger Beach.
If you want to dive with enormous Tiger Sharks, scores of big ‘friendly’ lemon sharks, plus lots of Caribbean reef sharks, bull sharks, nurse sharks and sometimes one or two great hammerhead sharks, you will love the diving at Tiger Beach where the action is nonstop.
This epic dive spot belongs at the top of every shark diver’s bucket list!

Dive Tiger Beach and sleep on land

If a week-long liveaboard trip to Tiger Beach sounds a bit extreme, our shorter land-based trip is the perfect alternative. Wake up in the comfort of your own hotel room, maybe check your email, stroll down to the hotel restaurant for a quick breakfast, and then head to the boat for a 90 minute ride out to Tiger Beach.
Then, enjoy an extraordinary dive with the ocean’s apex predators, take a lunch break, jump back in for second tiger shark dive, and then zip back to Grand Bahama before sunset. Life is good! 🙂


Scuba diving with tiger sharks, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, Caribbean reef sharks and possibly bull sharks and great hammerheads.


April 22-26 FULL

$2295 per person double occupancy room

$2895 single occupancy room

Andy Murch





Diving with Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach.


Old Bahama Bay Resort on Grand Bahama.

Open Water Diver Certification required


  • 4 nights at Old Bahama Bay Resort
  • 3 days of 2-tank tiger shark diving
  • Pack lunches on dive days
  • Tanks
  • Weights
  • Experienced Captain and crew
  • Chum, shark feeds
  • Photo coaching


  • Flights
  • Land transfers to the hotel
  • Personal dive equipment
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Crew gratuities

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Great Hammerhead Shark diving  at Tiger Beach

Photo © Andy Murch

Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach
Feeding a tiger shark

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Photo © Andy Murch

Nurse Shark at Tiger Beach
Tiger Shark and diver
Tiger Shark at Tiger Beach
Southern Stingray at Tiger Beach
Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach.
Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach.
Tiger Shark at Tiger Beach.
Why come to Tiger Beach with Big Fish Expeditions?

Our highly experienced Trip Leader Andy Murch has been diving Tiger Beach every year since it was developed as a shark diving destination back in 2003. He knows exactly where to dive and when, to provide the ultimate experience for guests.
Andy is an award winning shark photographer. For visiting shooters of any experience level, Andy is an invaluable source of advice on everything from camera settings to suggestions for dynamic compositions.

Is this trip dangerous?

We run well planned, well executed shark dives. Consequently, we have a perfect safety record. No one has ever been harmed by a shark on one of our trips.

Where is Tiger Beach?

Tiger Beach isn’t actually a beach at all. It is a shallow reef and sandbank about 90 minutes by boat from Grand Bahama Island. The closest point of land is West End; where Old Bahama Bay Resort is located.

How are the dives conducted?

All of the dives on this trip are shark feeds. The feeder takes down a bait crate and gives a small amount of fish to each tiger shark as it approaches. The divers position themselves on the sand close to the feeder so that they get an excellent opportunity to photograph or simply enjoy the enormous sharks as they pass by.

What species will we see?

Tiger sharks, lemon sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, and nurse sharks are virtually guaranteed. We often see bull sharks too. Great hammerheads are hit and miss. There are one or two that stay at TB for months at a time but they are migratory animals so you never know.

When is the best time to dive Tiger Beach?

The tiger sharks are resident all year except for the really hot summer months when the water is too warm. Winter storms can ruin your entire trip, and hurricane season runs from June through November. Consequently, we run our Tiger Beach trips in April because the weather is generally excellent.


Everyone talks about a destination being ‘the best shark dive’ or ‘one of the world’s top ten shark dives’ etc, etc. Sometimes the operators are just blowing smoke and sometimes the diving is truly great.

Whatever you hear about other shark diving sites around the planet, Tiger Beach stands alone. It’s simply packed with sharks. They’re big and they are not shy 🙂

If you are looking for endless photographic opportunities or if you just want to spend your entire vacation surrounded by big sharks, then this is the place.

I have NEVER heard of anyone being disappointed by Tiger Beach. The only problem you’ll have is finding somewhere to go next time that compares.

See you there!
Andy Murch

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